Commercial Equipment Financing

Whether you want to replace an old or broken piece of equipment or invest in a new piece of equipment to help your growing business thrive, we’re here to help.

By financing with Carolina Chemical Equipment, we’ll help your business investment by providing low monthly payments.

Determine Your Monthly Payments

To get started, click here or on the below image. Simply add the total amount you’ll need for your purchase, choose your payment plan, and see your estimated monthly payment without inserting any personal information. Then, send the quote via e-mail to to begin the financing process or apply directly to our financing company.

Have questions? Give us a call at 843.554.0880 and we’ll help you through the process.

Financing Options

Easy Pay Plan

First and last payments act as a security deposit

Payments: Monthly payments for terms of 24-60 months

Security Deposit: Two-payment security deposit

End of Term: Simply surrender the security deposit to own the equipment

Rate Factors: Multiplied by total cost to calculate monthly payment

No Documentation Fee

No Application Fee



12 + 1 Plan

12 monthly payments + a security deposit

Security Deposit: Equal to one payment is due up front, then pay 12 regular monthly payments

Payments: Calculated by dividing the equipment cost by 12

End of Term: Simply surrender the security deposit to own the equipment

No Documentation Free

No Application Fee