Sweepers Available in Charleston, SC

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EB 30/1 Manual Sweeper

Featuring: A 12” (300 mm) sweeping path, 30/45 minute soft floor/hard floor run times and Whisper quiet cordless design. 


KM 70/20 C 28" Manual Sweeper

Featuring: 28” (710 mm) cleaning path, compact manual push sweeper with dust control. 

KM 75/40 W BP 30" Battery Powered Vacuum Sweeper

Featuring: A 30" (750 mm) cleaning path, the KM 75/40 W BP is self-propelled traveling up to 2.8 MPH and can climb an incline of up to 12%. 40-liter capacity.


KM 90/60 R P

The KM 90/60 R P is perfect for high performance outdoor cleaning with its user friendly, easy maintenance design. The machine is exceptionally agile and is very simple and comfortable to use. Ideal for cleaning various floor types including asphalt, pavements, concrete, hard floors, and carpet. 

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