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Wastewater Treatment Systems

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Water Treatment Solutions for Pressure Washer Applications

Water Maze is North America’s #1 manufacturer of industrial wastewater treatment systems. Since 1989, Water Maze has been manufacturing water treatment systems principally for pressure washing applications. Today, there are more than 9,000 Water Maze systems installed worldwide, utilizing a broad range of technologies.

Water Maze systems have been certified to UL safety standards and are manufactured under the internationally recognized ISO-9001 standards for quality processes. The equipment line is supported by more than 100 trained and authorized sales and servicing dealers throughout North America.

New Technology Treats Many Waste Streams

Water Maze’s EC systems with EC+Plus™ technology (a unique integration of electrocoagulation and polymer injection), are the most compact and portable wash-water treatment systems on the market today. They offer an amazing versatility in the range of treatable wastewater including suspended solids, emulsified oils, and heavy metals – all significant challenges for conventional filtration systems. The flow rate and the quality of water treatment are sufficient to create a totally automated recycle system, or water can be discharged to the sanitary sewer. The automation of the EC systems makes it extremely easy to operate and minimizes the maintenance. 

Automated for Easy Operation, Low Maintenance

Water Maze’s award-winning mechanical filtration systems are the standard in the high-pressure cleaning  industry for automated wash-water recycling. Most are totally automated using a digital sequencer to monitor and control the system’s functions, including filtration, recirculation, filter backwash, and sludge discharge. Other mechanical filtration systems for recycling or sewer discharge include a series of low-profile units, high profile clarifiers, and a variety of ready-to-install collection pits.